Choose Dependable Demolition Services in Fairfax, VA

Use services led by a demolition professional with over 15 years of experience

Do you need to rid your property of an old deck, shed or other small structure? Count on the demolition services of TLC Services NOVA, a junk removal company that works at residential and commercial properties in Fairfax, VA.

When you use our services, you can expect:

  • An experienced professional to lead our team
  • Our crew to deconstruct your unwanted structure safely
  • Our team to dispose of all materials properly

We aim to get rid of materials by recycling or donating anything we can, so you can be confident that your structure won't simply go to waste. Call 571-241-0214 to ask about our eco-friendly demolition services.

Enjoy a tidier view of your property

Whether you need a deck demolition or a fence removal, our crew will remove every trace of the item we demolish. We'll also clean the area thoroughly to avoid leaving you with debris or junk. Contact us to find out what to expect from your specific deck demolition or other demolition and removal service.